Wednesday, August 08, 2007

A Fond Farewell to the Captain

I had the great privilege this summer of spending a lot of time at the Captain's Deck during Summerfest. I had a friend with a few extra passes, which he generously gave to me and my friends.

The Captain's Deck, located roughly above the Water Street Brewery booth, is a private deck for season ticket subscribers to the Marcus Amphitheater. They have free food and beverages, which saved me an enormous amount of money at the fest!

My friends and I went to the deck at Summerfest as many days as we could. It provided an entirely different Summerfest experience--I didn't go home feeling bankrupt every night, and I didn't get caught in enormous hot crowds--instead I spent a lot of time on the spacious, ventilated deck. To sum it up--I felt really spoiled up there.

The last day of the fest, I was sad to see it go. At 11 pm on that last Sunday night--we were shooed out of the deck. I posed for pictures with the sign and clutched onto my pass for dear life! The fun came to an end. Now, I have to pay for drinks and food when I go out.

About a week ago, I was at the Summerfest grounds for Germanfest. I decided to go past the Captain's Deck to check it out. I walked by--and instead of seeing the wonderful oasis I remembered, I saw a dark area, with stacks of tables and chairs. It was sad seeing my once thriving summer destination looking so lonely...I guess I'll just have to be really good this year so I can score a few extra Captain's Deck passes to Summerfest 2008--when it returns in all it's glory!


Green Bay Packers and Wisconsin Badgers fan said...

I wish I could have spent some time on the Captains Deck.

teacher said...

I spend almost everyday on the deck. I hope i can do it again this year. My goal is the spend every second on the deck. Who cares about the music. It's about beer and more beer.