Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Other Festivals on the Summerfest Grounds in 2008

Besides the ten days of the Summer the Henry Maier Festival Park is taken over with drunks, better known as Summerfest. The grounds play host to a number of wonderful festivals. Here is the schedule for the festival grounds in 2008. I would highly recommend attending any of them as the food and people watching is always enjoyable.


Miller Lite Ride for the Arts June1

PrideFest June 6-8

Polish Fest June 20-22

Festa Italiana July 17-20

German Fest July 25-27

African World Festival August 1-3

Arab World Fest August 8-10

Irish Fest August 14-17

Mexican Fiesta August 22-24

Labor Fest September 1

Indian Summer Festival September 5-7

In between these dates, you will find me at Miller Park watching my Milwaukee Brewers kick some MLB butt! Brewers tickets are a little pricier than the festivals at Summerfest, but with the promotions both have, you can usually find a good deal around. It's the darn beer that gets out of hand. The price you pay for a good time. Ahhhh, the regret.

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