Friday, March 21, 2008

Snow for Summerfest

As I write this entry, the snow is falling and falling in good ol' Mil-town. On March 21. Granted snow in March is not such a crazy notion, but seriously this town cannot take anymore! The question is, at this rate, will there be snow for Summerfest? Think of it. The beer consumption would lesson, the Jack Daniels tent would be rockin'. All the trashy girls wearing close to nothing would be forced to get the fleece and North Face jackets out. Sure would change the dynamics of the single crowd.

If there is snow during Summerfest 2008, it will likely be the last Summerfest in Milwaukee as all of it's residents will have jumped off a cliff.


Dani said...

I saw on the Roadrunner Records website that Black Stone Cherry will be attending Summerfest again this year.

lin said...


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