Thursday, April 16, 2009

Earth, Wind and Fire with Chicago at Summerfest

We saw the massive crowd at the side stage. Earth, Wind, and Fire drew a crowd so large that Summerfest decided that they were worthy of a Marcus Amphitheater show. Chicago is a band this has continued to perform since 1967. On June 30th, we will see if their fans can fill the venue. Both bands have had numerous hits. For Earth, Wind and Fire, their biggest was Shining Star. That also happens to be their only number one song. Their Album Gratitude hit number one in 1975. Since that time, they have not had a number one song or album. In fact, if we dig deeper Summerfest fans would be hard pressed to find their songs in the top ten since 1986.

Chicago has seen nineteen members come and go since they formed in 1967. They still have four of the original members in the lineup, so the other fifteen must have been temps? Colour My World is a song you will certainly hear at Summerfest.

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Unknown said...

Ok first of all Shining star was not EWF"s biggest hit. they had at least four prior to that one i.e. September, Boogie Wonderland, let's Groove and Fantasy not to mention the 10 plus songs after it that were great crowd pleasers. Not to mention EWF was worth the mainstage approximately five to six years ago hmmmm. So what is the article really about? The truth of the matter is money. Summerfest saw that hugh crowd and decided we can make money from this that is the long and the short of it. They just forgot the EWF had that kind of draw.