Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Cascio Groove Garage 2011 Headliners

Cascio Groove Garage

I consider the Cascio Groove Garage to be the best place to take a break from the bigger stages, while still getting a chance to hear some great music. For 2011 the headliners have been booked, and here they are. The bands listed below are scheduled to start at 9pm every night. As always, there will be many other acts playing the Groove Garage. Stay tuned for further details for a full list of performers.
The Right Now opens the fest on June 29. I'm pretty sure that this link is to the correct band, but they don't have their Summerfest date listed on the site just yet.

On June 30, we're looking at The Jeanna Salzer Band. I'm playing a sample of their music as I write this, and I must say that she's an impressive artist, and the band is solid. Yay for Milwaukee! We have one very creative band and singer in Jeanna Salzer. July 1 is when the band I'm Not a Pilot hits the stage.

The Invaders play on July 2, The Uptown Savages perform July 3, and the Fatty Acids will headline on July 5th.

Who is Brighton, MA, and where are they from? Those questions will be answered on July 6th, at 9pm. I did a Google search of Brighton, MA, and found them among the expected search results of maps, things to do in Brighton, etc. I suggest a name change before they get famous, but who am I to judge?

Here are the four final headline acts for the Groove Garage. See you at the fest!

  • July 7, Mark Mallman

  • July 8, John the Savage

  • July 9, Fresh Cut Collective

  • July 10, Surgeons in Heat

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