Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Would Summerfest Benefit from Downtown Lakefront Redo?

North Summerfest grounds

The very north end of the Summerfest grounds are close to O'Donnel Park and the Milwaukee County Transit Center. Both properties are being considered for redevelopment. Couple that with the weird street and on ramp configuration at the base of the Hoan bridge, and it looks like it's time for a makeover.

Milwaukeeans have seen the rebirth of the Third Ward. Now it's time to focus on a location that could complement the area adjacent to the north gates of Summerfest. As the O'Donnel parking site is one of the most valuable properties in downtown Milwaukee, it would be wise to utilize that site for something other than the aged parking structure that it currently is. If a building goes up on that site, let's hope that it does not block access to the lakefront. As for Clybourn Street, it's time to make that an attractive boulevard from just east of the Milwaukee River, to the Summerfest grounds. Right now, it's a post-industrial roadway, that is less than inviting. Attention roadway planners, don't forget a bike lane!

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