Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Summerfest 2012 Kickoff Today

Summerfest 2012We are just 30 minutes from the opening of the gates at Summerfest.  I'm sitting here, outside the grounds, waiting for the opportunity to get my hand stamped.  I brought my food donation, and I'm hoping for a great spot in the shade.  It's going to be a warm day here in Milwaukee, but I'm still very excited about seeing some of the best music in the country.  It's all right here at Summerfest 2012.

I'm looking forward to the opening ceremonies, then I'm going to check out the Noble Brothers at the Harley Davidson Roadhouse.  I'm coming back for Kool and the Gang tonight.  For those of you Rascal Flatts ticket holders, keep in mind that your ticket also gets you into the Summerfest grounds.  See you at the fest!  

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