Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Summerfest...coming to a tv near you!

What happens at Summerfest stays at Summerfest…right? Not this year!! You may find your Summerfest shenanigans being documented for posterity by one of the many camera crews being sent by Country Music Television to cover the festival!

The cable channel will be on hand shooting footage for a series of specials entitled “CMT at Summerfest,” which will premiere August 3-5. The shows are scheduled to feature performances by Sugarland, Big & Rich and Sara Evans who will all be performing at the Miller Roadhouse Stage.

The channel will also be taping the “CMT Top Twenty Countdown” at Summerfest with the host Lance Smith.

This is the second year in a row the cable channel is making the trip up from Nashville to Summerfest. And this year, they are saying the crew is going to be much bigger! Last year they brought six production trailers, nine cameras and eighty staff members—so who knows what’s in store for this year!!

So before you head to the fest…you might want to make sure you’re well-dressed…CMT is broadcast to 84 million homes in the country!


J Kid said...

I will surely be at all the country shows this year at Summerfest. I am what u call a country music junkie.

Green Bay Packers and Wisconsin Badgers fan said...

I like the Coyote Ugly search that they have on CMT.

teacher said...

Who watches CMT? I think the 83 million viewers is a little over the top.

teacher said...

Last year at Summerfest my neck was really red. I tried a gallon of sunscreen, but I just had a redneck. So I bought a hat However, with the purchase of the hat the vendor threw in a big belt buckle and some genuine cowboy boots

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