Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Marcus Amphitheater Seating Chart

When you attend a Summerfest Milwaukee show, you might find yourself wondering what is that huge venue at the south end of the grounds? That's the Marcus Amphitheater of course! A long time ago, that part of the Summerfest grounds was where you would find a midway. You could go on on of those rickety rides, eat a corn dog, or try your luck at a stuffed animal prize.

Summerfest needed a permanent stage for the biggest acts. They built the Marcus Amphitheater just for that need. The midway took its place in history when that happened. When you look at a Marcus Amphitheater seating chart, you can see that the venue can hold thousands of people, all under one roof. Rain or shine Summerfest fans will enjoy the show.


Wisconsin Music Man said...

I like to sit in sections one, two, or three at the Marcus Amp. They are the closest sections. Sometimes the lawn is nice, if it's a warm night. I never sit in the bleachers though.

Unknown said...

Are these good seats:
Section 7
Row H
Seats 44&45?
I can't seem to zoom in on a seating chart and check for myself?

Ms. Pacman said...

7 H is 38 rows from the stage, plus the walkway. It's getting pretty far over towards the left. I would say that they are so-so, but certainly better than bleachers, or lawns.

Unknown said...

They don't show an actual seating chart by seat... what about section 1 row H seat 10 & 11? I'm worried that they are going to be too far to the side of the stage. or are these seats more towards the middle towards section 2? thanks!

Debbie said...

Do the bleacher seats have backs on the seats?

Ms. Pacman said...

No, the bleachers don't have backs, and they are not under cover.