Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Summerfest Milwaukee Beer Prices | Will They Rise as Summerfest Takes Over?

When the beer flows at Summerfest in Milwaukee, the person pouring that beer is not important to the recipient. They just want it served up cold and fast. According to news reports, those that run the festival have decided to take back control of the Summerfest beer vending. In past years, the beer vendors were contract employees, under control of a very well run company.
It must have something to do with profits. It may have something to do with the economy. Either way, if your beer is warm, and it takes too long for that suds-slinger to get to you, you are feeling the effects of the change.

I'm sure that things will go and flow smoothly, but I was a fan of the people who ran the beer tents. They didn't mess around. If this change brings a few more rock bands to Summerfest, then I will be really happy.

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