Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Cascio Groove Garage at Summerfest

I hope that the Cascio Groove Garage is booking shows at Summerfest. For some reason, I really like that little set up. Perhaps it's the way it is tucked in between two buildings. There are actually a few trees to the left and right of the stage. It has that local talent too. Decapitado played there last summer. That was a great gig.

The Groove Garage used to be next to the food court. That was not a great location. There was traffic passing by. This traffic was headed to the Marcus Amphitheater, or looking for a place to grab a bite, and take a time out from the music. Now, the stage is just south of center.

Headliners for Summerfest are not entirely booked. I think that we will be hearing from the powers that be in the very near future. Summer is coming, and the headline acts will be locked in soon.

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