Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Big Bang and Summerfest in Milwaukee

What can you expect for the Big Bang and Summerfest in Milwaukee? Crowds, people, traffic. We see the stories on the local news every year. There are families that camp out a day or two before the Big Bang. They rope off their spot on the lakefront, and sometimes sleep there overnight. Through rain or shine, these devoted fireworks lovers stick it out.

The fireworks can be seen from the entire lakefront, and as far away as Greenfield, if you park your car along Loomis Road. The launch site is near the War Memorial center, and that's where you can expect to see the largest crowds. As July 3 falls on a Saturday, we downtown commuters are thrilled to know that we will not have to fight our way home, just to turn around and head back to the lakefront. What do I like to do for the Big Bang? I get to the Summerfest grounds in the afternoon, and watch the fireworks from the sky glider.

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