Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Tim McGraw Summerfest Milwaukee Show | First Marcus Amphitheater Gig of the Week

summerfest tickets
It's been so long since the first Summerfest tickets featuring Tim McGraw went on sale. I almost forgot about it. Lady Antebellum will be backing up McGraw on June 24th. That's the first night of the Big Gig. McGraw also has a show scheduled for the next night at Country Fest in Cadott Wisconsin.

I spotted Tim McGraw in a movie just the other day. He had a small part in Four Christmases, the movie featuring Reese Witherspoon, and Vince Vaughn. He plays the part of Vince's brother. I didn't recognize him. The credits at the end of the movie revealed that he was in the film. I had to rewind the movie, just to be sure. Yes, that was McGraw.

As for Lady Antibellum, the band is backing up Tim McGraw for a large part of the summer. The band is scheduled to play at their fan club party, where they hope to raise funds for the Nashville flood disaster victims.

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