Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Summerfest 2011 Lineup

Summerfest 2010
My friends ask me to take a guess as to who will perform at Summerfest 2011. I don't have a crystal ball. In fact, it's a well kept secret as to who is being courted by Summerfest management. We won't know until the ink is dry on a contract.

What I can say is that history has proven that there is usually an announcement in late March. The first Marcus Amphitheater act is booked around that time. More announcements trickle in as spring comes. The rumors may fly, but few people ever guess the right guess.

One other thing we have come to expect is the genre of music, and how many nights each is represented. There will be rock, pop, soul, country, and more. I'm not an insider, so I will wait with the rest of you.


Unknown said...


Ms. Pacman said...

I hope it happens for you, and all the Miles Nielsen Fans.

WhiteHorse said...

Plz bring back the best shows Ive ever seen there, and top ranking in the hundreds Ive ever been to, Stevie Winwood and Robin Trower. Txs in advance

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

Web search shows PETER GABRIEL. Hope that's tue. I'm all in!