Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Panic! at the Disco | Summerfest 2011 Show

Panic! at the Disco likes to be as visual as they are musical. According to Brendon Urie, when they toured in support of their second album, he missed all the costumes and stage effects. "Pretty. Odd." was their second album, and the tour to support it was an eco friendly and visually green, earthy, departure.

It's been two years since the band started work on their third album, and it didn't come without some changes to the line up. There are just two original members of Panic! on the new album. Now, in support of their third disk Vices & Virtues, will we see the band go back to their carnival ways? So far, that's the flavor of the tour. The carnival is back. Panic! at the Disco will perform on the U.S. Cellular Stage this year on June 30.

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