Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Park and Ride to Summerfest

There are many ways to get to Summerfest. Park and Ride is one of the best modes of travel when heading down to the lakefront. In fact, the MCTS has any number of ways to get to the fest. What's best for you depends on where you are coming from.

Best Way To Get To Summerfest

Wisconsin Avenue shuttle buses are spaced just minutes apart, and run just past midnight. For three bucks, you can hop on to the shuttle at any bus stop on Wisconsin Ave. where you see the famous Summerfest smile on the sign. That three bucks pays for a round trip fare.

Freeway Flyer service from Park and Ride lots are six bucks round trip. Bring exact fare, because as they say "driver carries no cash." Pick up locations are at all park and ride locations, and the last bus leaves Summerfest at midnight.

Party Bus, or "Drunken Bus" service can be found at many of the more famous watering holes on the east side or near south side. You will find your way to the "drunk bus" at BBC, Twisted Fork, Vitucci's and a few other East side locations. If you are coming in from the south, try Vnuk's or King Pins. They have a shuttle that runs in the evenings.

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