Thursday, July 14, 2011

Summerfest 2011 Wrap Up

Summerfest 2011 What did Summerfest do to deserve such great weather for 2011? It was amazing to see that just about every night was perfect for heading down to the festival grounds. Some nights were hotter than others, but nobody can complain about it being too bad.

Summerfest Highlights for 2011

  • July 2 - Maroon 5 had a huge crowd at the Miller Lite Oasis. We were there an hour before the show started, and you couldn't get close to a table. They didn't let their fans down.

  • Kid Rock - I could have done without the women dancing around stripper poles, but 99% of his fans loved it. He went from one vocal style to the next, and nobody went away unhappy.

  • Testa Rosa - The Cascio stage has been moved once again, this time in the blazing hot sun, just south of the rock stage. That made it tough to enjoy the lush sounds of a great local band in Testa Rosa, but I did my best.

  • Kanye West - He may be loved and "less loved" but he tore it up at the Marcus on June 30. Some say that it was the best show of the fest.
See you at Summerfest 2012.

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