Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Will Summerfest Milwaukee Raise Admission Prices for 2012?

Summerfest Beer Prices 2012

Summerfest Milwaukee is priced for family fun. For half a decade, the folks that run the "World's Largest Music Festival" have held the line on admission prices. The last time that Summerfest ticket prices went up was 2007. That's when the regular admission ticket went up to $15, if you arrive after 4pm. Keep in mind, there are so many ways to get into the festival for a discount. Where does Summerfest make up for inflation? Beer and wine prices are one way to increase revenue.

Beer Prices for Summerfest 2012

We haven't heard the announced price for beer this year, but it did go up in 2011. Five bucks bought you a 16 ounce cup of "brewski" last summer. Bottle prices can be higher. Will this be another year where they raise the cost of a cold one? My guess is no. Summerfest management made the announcement in April of last year. We might see that happen again this spring. There are many ways to raise the cash required to bring quality music to the Milwaukee lakefront. Last year, it cost nearly 10% more to book the musical acts that fill the stages. If that happens again in 2012, you can count on a price increase somewhere.

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