Monday, April 15, 2013

Pitbull To Headline Summerfest 2013 | Pitbull Tickets Available

Pitbull Summerfest 2013
Pitbull will headline Summerfest 2013 on June 30.  His real name is Armando Perez, and he's the hottest rapper on the road at this time.  His "Planet Pit" album is his biggest release to date.  He starts his 2013 tour in Boston, on May 23.  What was Pitbull's breakout hit? "I Know You Want Me" was a huge success, even though he was forced to release the song on a record label more known for dance music.  Perhaps that was just the dumb luck needed to propel Pitbull further than before. 

Pitbull Tickets On Sale Now

Pitbull Summerfest tickets also include admission to the entire festival grounds.  That's the great thing about Summerfest headline tickets.  When you go, plan to check out the other stages.  The side stage headline acts are locked in.  It looks like Summerfest booked a range of talent that runs from new to old.  The specific dates of the side stage headline shows have yet to be announced.  Opening acts for those side stages are still being booked.

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