Friday, January 17, 2014

Zac Brown Comes To Summerfest 2014 On July 3

It looks like Zac Brown is the first country show to be booked for Summerfest 2014.  The band will perform on the Marcus Amphitheater on July 3. Brown's band is currently on tour, with this show date coming in the middle of a long road trip for a group that has seen major "crossover" success.  Tickets for the Zac Brown concert are moving fast.

Zac Brown has seen his popularity skyrocket in the past ten years. The band has nearly a dozen number one singles, and has sold millions of albums. From the very beginning, Zac Brown hit paydirt. His "demos" were popular, right out of the gate, and the band has continued to produce great music.  Zac Brown has been hard at it, touring hundreds of cities every year, since it all began in 2002.

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