Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Beach Boys Summerfest 2012

Beach Boys Summerfest

The Beach Boys will perform at Summerfest in 2012. July 1, is the date of the show, and the band will perform on the Marcus Amphitheater stage. 2012 marks the 45th year for the "Big Gig," and this Beach Boys reunion will be in celebration of their 50 years as a group. Summerfest Beach Boys tickets for the upcoming show will be in demand, as this band might not get a second chance to do this tour.
Beach Boys Discography

The Beach Boys made some of their best music in the 1960's. Starting with Surfin' Safari, and ending the decade with 20/20, the band penned some of their most amazing music. No, 20/20 didn't represent the best of their efforts, but still the song Time To Get Alone is a number that stands the test of time. Their second album, Surfin' USA, and it's title track are part of the fabric of America. We all longed to be in California, when we heard the opening notes to Surfer Girl.

The Beach Boys fourth album was titled Little Deuce Coupe. It seemed that the band had moved from surf boards to cars. Eight of the 12 songs on that album are "auto related." It starts with Little Deuce Coupe, moves on to Car Crazy Cutie, Cherry Cherry Coupe, and the final track on side one is titled 409. Brian Wilson produced most of those early albums, and the formula worked for the band. They stuck with that now famous sound until the album Pet Sounds came out. That album included violin, saxophone, clarinets, flutes, and more. Wilson stretched his talents to the limit, only to find that Pet Sounds didn't chart too well. Their next album Smiley Smile has one of the most popular Beach Boys songs on side B. Good Vibrations has remained a popular song for the past 45 years. It's fitting that a song that came out right around the time that Summerfest began. I found a great audio track of the making of Wouldn't it Be Nice.

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