Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Stevie Wonder Comes To Summerfest 2015 | Wonder Will Sing Entire "Songs" Album

Stevie Wonder Summerfest 2015
Stevie Wonder has been booked for June 27, at Summerfest. This show is not part of a multi-city tour for Wonder.  It's a single show listed for Milwaukee, as the "tour" Wonder had booked for 2015 ended in April. He plans to sing the entire album "Songs in the Key of Life" on this occasion.  Stevie Wonder Summerfest tickets have already gone on sale.

Songs in the Key of Life was an album that came out in 1976.  It's a double album, spanning over eighty minutes. It came out on the Motown label, and included songs like Another Star, Sir Duke, I Wish. The album hit number one in the United States, France, Holland, and Canada. It was also a huge hit in England, Australia, Norway, and many more countries.

So many great artists have noted that the "Songs" album is one of the best ever made. Stars such as Elton John, Michael Jackson, George Micheal, and Mary J. Blige have all covered songs from the work. 


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